Our Team

Our Team

Phil Berry, Instructor and Director

Phil Berry is always excited to share his love of Lindy Hop with others. He believes deeply in the power of social dancing to foster friendship and fun, and to build and rebuild community. He especially enjoys teaching swing dancers, and does a great job of guiding learners past the awkwardness and self-doubt that can beset beginners. Get to know Phil better by reading a blog post he wrote about anxiety and his swing dance journey.

In addition to being a swing dancer and dance instructor, Phil is an actor, screenwriter, film producer, high tenor, pianist, basketball player, runner, husband, and dad, as well as a former software engineer and tech entrepreneur, originally from Boston and most recently from LA. Phil and his family moved from LA to Medina during the Covid shutdowns and bought, renovated, and recreated Medina’s independent bookstore as Author’s Note. Upon completing that project, Phil has turned his attention to other creative and community-building endeavors, and to a handful of home renovation projects. But he’d always rather be dancing, so if you want to learn how, sign up for a free lesson.


Tommy Sprinkles, DJ and Instructor

DJ Tommy Sprinkles is passionate about creating a safe space where people can form connections and express themselves through music and dancing. Tommy, a frequent DJ with Medina Lindy in the Village monthly dances, focuses on playing danceable tunes from the swing era to the present. He has DJed for some of our themed dances such as December’s “Cool Yule” and February’s “Swing Pink.” Tommy also serves as a dance instructor. When not dancing you can find Tommy running, hiking, playing disc golf, or just enjoying nature. Even if you see him operating the sound system, don’t hesitate to ask him to dance!

Mike Moll

Mike Moll, DJ and Instructor

Mike Moll is an exuberant swing dancer and a popular instructor with Medina Lindy in the Village. He also has a passion for DJing and is an integral part of our regular rotation of DJs. If you ever want ideas for swing bands and tunes to check out, old and new, Mike’s your guy. He loves to dance with beginners and dancers at all levels and is happy to help demystify dance patterns and help others find confidence on the dance floor.

Leah Twomey, Instructor

Leah Twomey, one of our volunteer instructors, loves dancing and teaching Lindy Hop to others. She and Mike often team up to lead beginner classes or to dance a mean partner Charleston. She’s also got DJ experience and is a great resource for song selection ideas. Ask Leah to dance! She can teach you a lot.

Kristen Janson, Instructor

Kristen Janson is an accomplished swing dancer who has traveled around the world to dance. She is equally comfortable dancing as a lead or a follow, so anyone can dance with her. She’s a wonderful instructor and a reassuring partner for beginners, so please don’t hesitate to ask Kristen to dance. She’s eager to share her knowledge and love of dancing with you, so don’t be shy.