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June Newsletter (Lindy Exchange Videos and No Monday July Lessons)

Hey Medina Lindy Hop Swing Dancers,

My brain is still buzzing from our amazing June 15th dance with Gordon Webster and over 150 jazz music lovers and Lindy Hop dancers.  Thank you to all who attended this amazing event. It was a real turning point for us. Swing dances at Bent’s Opera House are only 10 months old, and Medina Lindy is only 7 months old, so to have come this far is a real tribute to all of you.  Huge congratulations to Medina Lindy’s own Kris and Ron Witkop who gave an outstanding performance after only six months of lessons! Check out the footage below of Ron and Kris and other fun happenings from that night.

  1. July Dance: Our next dance will be held, as usual, on the third Thursday of the month, July 20th. We begin at 7:30 with a free introductory lesson at 6:30. 
  2. No Monday Night Lessons in July: Although there will be a dance in July, Monday night progressive lessons are paused for the month of July.  Lessons will resume in August, with the first one on Monday, August 7th at 7:00PM.  I’ll be in Herräng, Sweden getting some swing dance training as well as doing location scouting for the Lindy Hop feature film I’m developing. I can’t wait. Sweden is gorgeous and the dancing at Herräng is amazing. Dancers at all levels travel there from all over the world. Put it on your bucket list and join me one of these years!  Lesson Before Dance Reminder: Although July Monday night lessons are paused, there will be a lesson before the dance on July 20th at 6:30.
  3. Open Meeting Monday: This Monday (tomorrow), June 27th, from 7-8 PM, we will have a virtual open meeting over Zoom for Medina Lindy. Please come and join even if you can only come for part of the meeting. I really want to hear from you. Everyone is invited to participate.  This is a quarterly meeting to discuss how to better expand and strengthen the Medina Lindy Hop community. We’re looking for input, feedback, and ideas on how to shape and pursue our goals.  Here’s the link:
  1. Gordon Webster Event Media: Relive the fun of our Lindy Exchange with Gordon Webster event by checking our new previous events page. Loads of fun videos there.  Also check out our Instagram page for some terrific pictures.
  1. Goodbye Maggie: Instructor Maggie Hallifax is moving to Plattsburgh in the next few weeks.  We will miss her but we hope for a wonderful new life adventure for her! Thank you, Maggie, for all you’ve done in your time at Medina Lindy.  Maggie has family in the area still so hopefully she will be able to pop in at Medina Lindy events from time to time and share what she learns in her new Lindy Hop scene.

That’s all for now.  Have a terrific July and a happy Fourth, and I’ll see you all on the dance floor!


-Phil Berry