About Us

About Us

About Medina Lindy in the Village

What We Do

Medina Lindy in the Village is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering and expanding the Lindy Hop swing dance community in Medina, New York, and the surrounding Niagara-Orleans-Genesee County area by hosting monthly dance events, weekly group lessons, and private lessons, and by providing resources and information.

How Medina Lindy in the Village Began

In 2022, Phil Berry, then new to the Medina area, approached the management of the recently renovated Bent’s Opera House to propose the idea of holding a community swing dance in their third floor ballroom and concert venue. Bent’s enthusiastically agreed. Their collaboration, with Bent’s acting as host, and Phil as organizer, yielded a huge turnout for the first event in August of 2022, showing that there was definite interest in swing dancing in and around Medina. Over the subsequent months, as the program grew, Phil saw a need for someone to support and assist the dancers by answering questions, finding DJs and instructors, providing classes and practice opportunities, publicizing events, and serving as a general point of contact. He created Medina Lindy in the Village, first simply as a website and social media presence, to fill that need.

As dance participation continued to increase, it became clear to both Phil and Bent’s that it made more sense for Medina Lindy in the Village to run and host the dances and classes and liaise directly with the public, and for Bent’s to provide the venue. In February 2023, Phil formed a legal entity, dansbana LLC, under which Medina Lindy in the Village operates, then signed a lease agreement with Bent’s, purchased needed insurances, and took over the management of the entire program. (“Dansbana” is a Swedish word meaning “dance hall” or “dance place.”) Bent’s has continued to support swing dancing in Medina by offering its space at a generously discounted rate, bringing such a deluxe venue within reach of the local dance community.

How You Can Help

  1. Come dance!
  2. Spread the word.
  3. Toss a few bucks in the pot.
  4. Volunteer to help at an event.

Come dance!

Every dancer or spectator who attends a class or a dance makes a difference and enriches our community. We’re glad every time you choose to come hang out with us and listen to great swing tunes.

Spread the word.

We rely on word-of-mouth, social media, local news media, and posters and flyers to let current and prospective dancers know about us. By following us on Facebook and Instagram, and by sharing our posts, you’ll have a huge impact. If you can put up flyers at your church, gym, club, or workplace, please let us know.

Toss a few bucks in the pot.

Medina Lindy in the Village is committed to making dance and dance learning opportunities available to all, without cost getting in the way. To that end, all classes are free (though we appreciate donations to cover them if you’re able to contribute), and assistance is available for anyone who is unable to pay the ticket price for entrance to the monthly dances. Nevertheless, Medina Lindy in the Village incurs costs for technology and equipment, and monthly costs for the use of the Bent’s venue, for insurance, for modest publicity, and for minimal but necessary supplies like drinking cups, name badges, and financial transaction fees. Medina Lindy in the Village relies solely on ticket sales and donations from the community to operate, so our biggest need is donations. No amount is too small to make a difference.

Volunteer to help at an event. 

We do need a bit of help with setup, decoration, welcoming guests, signing people in, selling tickets, and breaking down afterwards. If you’re able to help out with any of these functions, please let us know.